• 1.
  • 2.
    Velvet Paws
  • 3.
    Follow In Our Footsteps
  • 4.
  • 5.
    Medley: A Fine Young Man / Strength Is My Weakness
  • 6.
    Gladiator's Ballet
  • 7.
    The Emperor's Thumb
  • 8.
    No More Waiting
  • 9.
    The Arena Pantomime
  • 10.
    Don't Be Afraid of an Animal
  • 11.
    Medley: Reprise: No More Waiting / Velvet Paws


Noël Coward as Caesar
Ed Ames as Ferrovius
Inga Swenson as Lavinia
Brian Bedford as Lentulus
John Cullum as Captain
Norman Wisdom as Androcles
Patricia Routledge as Megaera
Kurt Kasznar as Manager
William Redfield as Spintho
George Mathews as Centurion
Geoffrey Holder as The Lion
Clifford David as Metellus
Bill Hickey as Keeper
Bill Starr as Retiarius
George Reeder as Secutor

Music and Lyrics by Richard Rodgers
Book by Peter Stone
Based on the play by Bernard Shaw
Produced for records by Andy Wiswell
Associate Producer: James S. Stanley
Recorded in 1967, at Webster Hall, New York City
Recording Engineer: Ernie Oelrich
Original album: LOC/LSO 1141, released 1967
Musical Director: Jay Blackton
Music Arranged by Robert Russell Bennett
Dance Arrangements by David Baker
Costumes by Theoni Aldredge
Reissue Design Direction: Roxanne Slimak
Reissue Package Design: XXXXXX
Photos courtesy of NBC
Public performance clearance ASCAP
Published by Chappell & Co., ASCAP
A Maritime Enterprises, Inc. Production