The Mikado



Nanki-Poo, disguised son the Mikado: Robert Rounseville
Pooh-Bah, Lord High Everything Else: Stanley Holloway
Ko-Ko, Lord High Executioner: Groucho Marx
Yum-Yum: Barbara Meister
Peep-Bo, sister, ward of Ko-Ko: Melinda Marx
Pitti-Sing: Sharon Randall
The Mikado, Emperor of Japan: Dennis King
Katisha, an elderly lady: Helen Traubel
Citizens of Japan: Norman Luboff Choir

Donald Voorhees and the Bell Telephone Orchestra
A Production of Henry Jaffe Enterprises
Executive Producer: Barry Wood
Producer: Martyn Green
Co-Producer: William Hammerstein
Director: Norman Campbell
Associate Producer: Robert Dwan
Music Conductor, vocal arranger: Buster Davis
Original Soundtrack Album Produced by Goddard Lieberson

Produced for reissue by Hugh Fordin
Associate Producer: Jim Kelly
Production Assistant: Anaida Garcia
Creative Director: Paul Grosso
Art Direction and Design: Elizabeth Yoon
Mastering: Alan Silverman at ARF! Digital