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Evita – New Broadway Cast Recording 2012

Evita – New Broadway Cast Recording 2012



Director’s Note: A New Look at an Iconic Musical: Michael Grandage on directing the first major revival of Evita since the original London production in 1978 Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice made it very clear they wanted a new production for a new century, and the creative team set about trying to achieve this goal in a number of ways. Any revival should be respectful of what made the original a success, but it should also be an opportunity to liberate itself from the past. In the case of Evita, there is a generation of theatergoers who have never seen the musical live on stage. Since it was last performed we have experienced the death of Diana, which gave us an opportunity to try to understand the notion of national mourning for a female icon (although Diana was on a far smaller scale than Eva Perón), and the UK has also been at war with Argentina. In addition, we have come to know Argentina through images, music, and travel in the intervening years. We were keen that the look and sound of this new production reflected all of this and Andrew Lloyd Webber has given the orchestrations a more authentic Argentinean flavor, which has helped us give our onstage Buenos Aires a life and structure that feels dynamic and real. On top of this, we were lucky enough to find Elena Roger to play Eva – a woman who has been able to give the production its ultimate authenticity. She has flown up from Buenos Aires, where she commands great respect as a performer, and brought with her the beating heart of this new production that has allowed us all to offer up something new.

– Michael Grandage


Che: Ricky Martin Eva Perón: Elena Roger Magaldi: Max von Essen Juan Perón: Michael Cerveris Mistress: Rachel Potter Child: Maya Jade Frank / Isabela Moner Ensemble: Ashley Amber, George Lee Andrews, Eric L. Christian, Kristine Covillo, Colin Cunliffe, Margot De La Barre, Bradley Dean, Rebecca Eichenberger, Melanie Field, Constantine Germanacos, Laurel Harris, Bahiyah Hibah, Nick Kenkel, Brad Little, Erica Mansfield, Emily Mechler, Sydney Morton, Jessica Lea Patty, Aleks pevec, Rachel Potter, Kristie Dale Sanders, Timothy Shew, Johnny Stelland, Alex Michael Stoll, Daniel Torres Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber Lyrics by Tim Rice Directed by Michael Grandage Choreographed by Rob Ashford