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Little Me – Original Broadway Cast Recording 1962

Little Me – Original Broadway Cast Recording 1962



Little Me is a whopping, whirling musical burlesque of the familiar “as told to” biography – in this case, the memoirs of a queen of the silver screen, Belle Poitrine. The organized lunacy that exploded from the stage of the Lunt-Fontanne Theater required two Belles: the older Belle of the present, dictating her memoirs as she liked to recall them, and the younger Belle, playing the scenes as they actually occurred. Only one man, however, was required to play all of the seven men in her life – Sid Caesar in a comic performance of stunning virtuosity. The show expertly harnesses all the pleasing elements of musical comedy to trace the epic romance of low-born Belle Schlumpfert and high-born Noble Eggleston. In the course of her quest for the “wealth, culture and social position” that will permit her to marry Noble, Belle embarks on an extravagant and varied career. In each adventure, Belle is accompanied by an admiring male, and each startling resolution moves her one step closer to her goal. Musically, the show unfolds as follows: “The Truth” – Belle Poitrine (Nancy Andrews), that fabulous and fabled star of stage and screen, startles her friends and associates by vowing to reveal all in her autobiography, Little Me; as told to Patrick Dennis (Peter Turgeon). “The Other Side Of The Tracks” – Young Belle (Virginia Martin) views her plight in Drifters’ Row and yearns for the life on the right side of the tracks. “I Love You” – Noble Eggleston (Sid Caesar), pride of the Venezuela, Illinois, elite, from the right side of the tracks, and Belle Schlumpfert from the wrong side of the tracks, declare their love at Noble’s “sweet sixteen birthday party.” “The Other Side Of The Tracks” (reprise) – Summarily rejected by Noble’s snobbish mother, Belle sets out in pursuit of “wealth, culture, and social position.” “Deep Down Inside” – Belle saves the day for her impoverished neighbors on Drifters’ Row – and takes her first step up the ladder – by convincing miserly, eighty-eight year old banker Pinchley (Sid Caesar) that beneath his crusty exterior there lies “a real nice human.” “Be A Performer!” – Circumstance has Belle, “the well-built teenager,” in jail facing a murder rap. The Buchsbaum Brothers (Joey Faye and Mort Marshall), vaudeville bookers, propose to Belle that, if acquitted, she put her notoriety to good use by entering show business under their banner. “Dimples” – Belle’s vaudeville number. “Boom-Boom” – Val Du Val (Sid Caesar), the great French entertainer and renowned expert on affairs of the heart, performs his world-famous number in a Chicago night club. “I’ve Got Your Number” – George Musgrove (Swen Swenson), a childhood admirer of Belle’s from Drifters’ Row and now a big-time Chicago gambler, renews his suit for her favors. “Real Live Girl” – Fred Poitrine (Sid Caesar again), a World War I sad sack, meets Belle. Soldiers’ Chorus – A troop of soldiers somewhere in France awaits a visit by Belle and her girls. “Poor Little Hollywood Star” – Belle, now a star of the Silver Screen, reveals the real person concealed beneath the smiling, glamorous exterior of a star. “Little Me” – Both Belles (Nancy Andrews and Virginia Martin) get together and revive their flagging spirits. “Goodbye (The Prince’s Farewell)” – Prince Cherney (Sid Caesar), the expiring regent of Rosenzweig, gathers his subjects together for a fond farewell. “Here’s To Us” – Belle (Nancy Andrews), now possessing “wealth, culture and social position” – everything except, in fact, Noble Eggleston – is surrounded by her friends on Christmas Eve in her Southampton mansion.


Butler: John Anania Patrick Dennis: Peter Turgeon Miss Poitrine, today: Nancy Andrews Momma: Adnia Rice Belle: Virginia Martin George Musgrove (as a boy): John Sharpe Brucey: James Senn Ramona: Else Olufsen Noble Eggleston: Sid Caesar Mrs. Eggleston: Nancy Cushman Miss Kepplewhite: Gretchen Cryer Pinchley, Junior: Mickey Deems Nurse: Margery Beddow Mr. Pinchley: Sid Caesar Kleeg: Burt Blier Newsboy: Michael Smuin Bernie Buchsbaum: Joey Faye Bennie Buchsbaum: Mort Marshall Val du Val: Sid Caesar George Musgrove: Swen Swenson Fred Poitrine: Sid Caesar Preacher: Ken Ayers German Officer: Mickey Deems General: Michael Quinn Courier: Eddie Gasper Red Cross Nurse: Sandra Stahl Steward: David Gold Otto Schnitzler: Sid Caesar Secretary: Marcia Gilford Production Assistant: Mickey Deems Victor: Marc Jordan Prince Cherney: Sid Caesar Yulnick: Mickey Deems Baby: Virginia Martin Noble, Junior: Sid Caesar Singers: Gretchen Cryer, Marcia Gilford, Else Olufsen, Sandra Stahl, Lory Stark, John Anania, Ken Ayers, Burt Blier, Harris Hawkins, Marc Jordan, Michael Quinn Dancers: Barbara Beck, Margery Beddow, Reby Howells, Odette Phillips, Dounia Rathbone, Barbara Sharma, Renata Vaselle, Eddie Gasper, Gene Gavin, David Gold, James Kirby, John Sharpe, Michael Smuin, James Senn, Michel Stuart.