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Mandy Patinkin, Dress Casual

Mandy Patinkin, Dress Casual



None – see Tracking

The first three tracks make up the “Doodle Doo Doo Medley”

Tracks 8–11 constitute Evening Primrose, 1966 – a dark story of people trying to hide from the world in a department store. Two of them try to escape. (Music & Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim, from a teleplay by James Goldman based on a short story by John Collier. Mandy Patinkin is joined by Bernadette Peters.)


Vocals: Mandy Patinkin, Bernadette Peters

The Band
Violins: Suzanne Ornstein, Concertmistress; Mineko Yajima, Dale Stuckenbruck, Ann Leathers, Martin Agee, Robert Chausow, Marilyn Reynolds, Carol Pool, Sanford Allen, Katherine Livolsi, Mitchell Stern, Laura Corcos, Joanna Jenner, John Connelly, Gayle Dixon, Maryellen Hester, Abraham Appleman
Violas: Paul Cortese, Crystal Garner, Mitsue Takayama, Lois Martin
Cellos: Clay Ruede, Frederick Zlotkin, David Bakamjian
Bass: John Beal
Winds: Les Scott, Robert Botti, John Moses, John Campo, Alava Hunt, Red Press
French Horns: Ronald Sell, Richard Hagen, Ann Yarbrough
Trumpeets: David Gale, Wilmer Wise, Lowell Hershey
Trombones: John Gale, Bruce Bonvissuto, Dean Plank
Tuba: Nathan Duram
Guitars & Banjo: Scott Kuney, Kevin Kuhn
Drums: Michael Berkowitz
Percussion: Joseph Passaro
Harp: Beth Robinson
Piano: Paul Ford
Synthesizer: Scott Frankel
Orchestra Contractor: Ronald Sell

Don Byron’s Band (track 24)
Conductor, Arranger, Clarinet: Don Byron
Bass: Steve Alcott
Trumpet: Tony Barrero
Piano: Uri Caine
Violin: Mark Feldman
Clarinet & Bass Clarinet: J.D. Parran
Trombone: Alfred Patterson
Drums & Percussion: Richie Schwarz

Conductor and Musical Director: Paul Gemignani
Arrangements by William D. Brohn (tracks 1–3, 6, 12–18, 21–23), Bill Byers (tracks 4, 5, 19–20, 25–31), Michael Starobin (tracks 8–11), and Don Byron (track 24)

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