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Saturday Night – University of Birmingham 1997

Saturday Night – University of Birmingham 1997



It’s a Saturday night in Brooklyn in 1929, just before the Stock Market crash. Gene, who is an underling at a Wall Street firm, is sitting on the family porch with his young middle-class bachelor buddies, all itchy and restless because they have no dates. Gene’s father is conveniently away. The young man boasts of his schemes and dreams for a life in high Manhattan society, though his friends are content to stay in Brooklyn. Gene attempts to crash a dance at the Plaza Hotel, and in the process meets someone he believes to be a fancy Southern debutante. Much to his friends’ surprise, and to her own, he announces that he plans to marry her. It turns out ultimately that Helen is just another gate-crasher, also from Brooklyn. Gene’s plans to get rich quick lead him into a narrow brush with the law. Nevertheless, the show ends, predictably, with an optimistic finale promising prosperity and domestic bliss for Gene and Helen.


Bobby: James Millard Artie: Jeremy David Ray: Simon Greiff Dino: Maurice Yeoman Gene: Sam Newman Fantasy Man / Male Vocalist / Clune: Gavin Lee Helen: Anna Francolini Celeste: Tracie Bennett Mildred: Ashleigh Sendin Hank: Mark Haddigan Fantasy Woman / Miss Fletcher / Florence / Dakota Doran / Female Vocalist: Ray Baker Pinhead / Doorman / Mr. Fisher / Head Waiter / Police Lieutenant / Fantasy Butler: Paul Brereton