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Show Boat – Music Theater Of Lincoln Center Recording 1966

Show Boat – Music Theater Of Lincoln Center Recording 1966



Show Boat is the saga of the Cotton Blossom, one of the picturesque floating theaters that used to ply the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. It’s the story of jolly, bighearted Cap’n Andy Hawks, the Cotton Blossom’s owner; Parthy Ann, his domineering New England wife; his lovely daughter Magnolia; and his troupe of actors, singers and dancers. It is the story of Julie, the leading lady on the Cotton Blossom, of her banishment with her husband because the state’s law at that time made mixed marriages a crime. It is the story of Gaylord Ravenal, the romantic river gambler, who became the troupe’s leading man and fell in love with Magnolia. And it is the story of Joe and his own helpless feelings contrasted with the relentless magnificence of Ol’ Man River. Show Boat belongs to another era; it is a colorful segment of the American theater. The famous musical play was based by Oscar Hammerstein II on Edna Ferber’s popular novel. It runs through a period of about forty years, from the 1880s to the late 1920s, and contains some of the greatest songs ever written for a musical. Jerome Kern’s superb music and Hammerstein’s eloquent lyrics have become popular classics delighting listeners who thrill again and again to their undying greatness.


Rubberface: Bob La Crosse Third Barker: Neil McNelis Captain Andy: David Wayne Fatima: Sally Neil Windy: David Thomas Landlady: Helen Noyes Joe: William Warfield Ethel: Joyce McDonald Queenie: Rosetta Le Noire Sister: Frances Haywood Ellie: Allyn Ann McLerie Mother Superior: Mary Manchester Frank: Eddie Phillips Kim: Maureen McNabb Parthy Ann Hawks: Margaret Hamilton Jake: Clyde Walker Pete: Bob Monroe Jim: Barton Stone Julie: Constance Towers Man with Guitar: Paul Adams Steve: William Traylor Doorman at Trocadero: Edward Taylor Gaylord Ravenal: Stephen Douglass Drunk: John Roberson Vallon: Barton Stone Lottie: Martha Danielle Magnolia: Barbara Cook Dolly: Trudy Wallace Backwoodsman: Neil McNelis Sally: Frances Buffalino Jeb: Jess Green Maisie: Judith Keller First Barker: George McWhorter A Girl: Barbara Lindner Strong Woman: D. Spingler A Man: Dale Westerman Second Barker: Garrett Morris Old Lady on Levee: Helen Noyes Congress of Beauties: Emilina Escariz, Rita O’Connor, Nancy Van Rijn, Carol Hanzel Dancers: Emilina Escariz, Lois Etelman, Carol Hanzel, Vivian Hojston, Eileen Lawlor, Sally Neal, Rita O’Connor, Carol Perea, Nancy Van Rijn, Bryant Baker, Allan Byrns, Peter DeNicola, Ronald Dennis, Bob Hall, Bob LaCrosse, Donald Mark, Robert St. John, Doug Spingler Children: Paul Dwyer, Michael Grady, Lisa Huggins, Jeanne Ladomirak, Williams Sims Singers: Phyllis Bash, Frances Buffalino, Jane Coleman, Martha Danielle, Dolores Godwin, Frances Haywood, Ernestine Jackson, Judith Keller, Mary Manchester, Barbara Lindner, Joyce McDonald, Estella Munson, Geraldine Overstreet, Lorice Stevens, Trudy Wallace, Paul Adams, Donald Coleman, Ray Duval, Scott Gibson, Jess Green, Vincent Henry, Richard Kahn, James Kelley, James Kennon-Wilson, George McWhorter, Laried Montgomery, Garrett Morris, Garwood Perkins, John Roberson, Alan Sanderson, Richard Sparks, Edward Taylor, Clyde Walker, Dale Westerman, Joe Williams, Lee Winston