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Goodtime Charley – Original Broadway Cast Recording 1975

Joel Grey and GOODTIME CHARLEY ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST RECORDING 1975 Photos from MWB Vault| Throwback Thursday

French history took a strange turn when Sidney Michaels (book), Larry Grossman (music) and Hal Hackady (lyrics) wrote their Broadway musical,Goodtime Charley , about the once and future King Charles VII, and that damsel in distress, Joan of Arc. If the subject seemed preposterous, its treatment was made even more so when Joel Grey and Ann Reinking signed in to star as the two principals. In spite of some infectious song-and-dance moments that enlivened the proceedings and further removed the story from its historical roots, Goodtime Charley was noCamelot, and the show, which opened at the Palace Theatre on March 3, 1975, had a run of only 104 performances, though it earned both Grey and Reinking well-deserved Tony® nominations for their efforts.

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