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Ages of Man

New From The MWB Vault: Sir John Gielgud – Ages of Man: Available exclusively in the Masterworks Broadway store for a limited time!

Available exclusively in the Masterworks Broadway store now through July 16!

A legendary actor with what might have been the most expressive, musical voice in the modern English theater – “a silver trumpet muffled in silk,” in the words of Sir Alec Guinness – Sir John Gielgud had enduring success with his one-man Shakespearean evening Ages of Man. This tour de force, in which he toured for twenty years, would win him Tony, Emmy and Grammy awards. Gielgud selected excerpts from Shakespeare’s texts that dramatized the complete arc of human experience, from life to death – an unforgettable poetic journey. This recording was made after the show’s triumphant, Tony-winning Broadway debut in 1959, when Gielgud was in his artistic prime, and is now available for the first time on CD or download here.